Qing Yun Moyeam Tea
Qing Yun Moyeam Tea
Qing Yun Moyeam Tea
Qing Yun Moyeam Tea

Qing Yun Moyeam Tea

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The question we get most frequently is, "should I buy Moyeam in tea bags or as loose tea?"  The answer is really a personal preference, do you want the convenience of tea bags or the value of loose tea?  With the Large Size loose Moyeam tea, you are getting 30% more actual tea than the Large Size 40-pack of Moyeam tea bags.  We sell nearly equal amounts of each form.

For overall health and healing. One of the most powerful medicinal teas in the world. 

This tea has been grown for over 600 years and is the largest known producer of polyphenols and flavonols on the planet. Due to its high amount of myricetin, a flavonol that promotes a variety of health benefits, Qinq Yun Moyeam tea promotes a broad range of health benefits.  

"Qing Yun" is the grade of the Moyeam tea, and Qing Yun is the highest quality grade.  It is made from the plant buds and first bud leaves.  It is exclusively these parts which are Super-producing Myricetin.  The "Qing Yun" buds and first leaves are producing an incredible 30% Myricetin by weight (all other Moyeam grades only produce 3-6%).  This is the "Qing Yun" difference!

Nurse Health Study II found that the average daily dietary intake of Myricetin was 1 mg/d.  One tea bag of our Qing Yun Moyeam contains approximately 600 mg of Myricetin.

Ingredients: Ampelopsis Grossedentata

See Medical Sources for PubMed (a US Gvnt website) Medical Literature studies on Moyeam and Myricetin and various health and disease states.

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