Health Benefits

Most Americans get only a fraction of a milligram of Myricetin in their daily diet.  One tea bag of Qing Yun Moyeam tea contains approximately 600 milligrams of Myricetin.  Try it once, and you too will know the power of Myricetin in your daily diet.

The Impact of Qing Yun Moyeam Tea and FAQs.

Is Moyeam safe for pets?

Indeed it is safe for pets. Many people add it to their dog's, cat's, even bird's, daily diets. Pets love it. Your older dog with arthritis will especially love it. Animals with tight airways or auto-immune type issues will crave it for its actions.  It is also helpful to animals with skin problems when applied topically, potentially improving skin, restoring fur growth, and even healing old wounds. Daily consumption by your dog will go far to preventing him or her from catching colds or flu.  If your pet does catch a cold or the flu, serve Moyeam to them 4 times daily to quickly minimize symptoms.

Does Moyeam tea contain caffeine?

No. Zero caffeine. None of our current three medicinal teas contains caffeine.

Can you eat the Moyeam leaves after they've been steeped?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it as a way for your body to maximally capture as many flavonols and polyphenols as possible.  Many people are adding it to meatballs, meatloaf, lasagna, salads, soups, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and smoothies.

Are there other uses for Moyeam tea?

Some people wash their faces with it or make spritz bottles containing it and spray it on their face during the day. Others even take baths in it for specific reasons. People have added the uses leaves to plant soil, both indoor and outdoor plants. This may change 4H competitions forever.

Can it be sweetened, and what is best?

While most prefer Moyeam unsweetened, it can certainly be sweetened to taste. We recommend a variety of potential sweetening agents, from honey, to stevia, to agave, or fresh pineapple chunks, to even real maple syrup.

Is it safe to drink for a person who is subject to drug testing?

Absolutely safe.  There is nothing illegal about Moyeam Tea, nor does it contain any molecules that might flag a random drug test.

Do you recommend it for athletes?

Absolutely "Yes". It appears to dramatically reduce muscle recovery time after strenuous exercise, while remaining a completely legal product. 

Have there ever been any reported adverse effects from drinking Moyeam tea?

In a PubMed search using the keywords "Ampelopsis Grossedentata" and "adverse effects", NO adverse effects from Moyeam tea have ever been reported in the Medical Literature.

Pureami Tea Company’s products offer several natural health benefits to help manage and treat ailments that keep people from living their fullest lives each day.

Qing Yun Moyeam Tea contains many polyphenols and flavonols, in particular Myricetin, that offer natural relief to illnesses and ailments ranging from the common cold to symptoms of some more debilitating and chronic diseases.

Myricetin works by disrupting cellular pathways. It interacts with enzymes and suppresses their activities (enzyme inhibition). It also inhibits phosphodiesterase enzymes (PDE), which are involved in setting up inflammatory responses against injuries or toxins.

Myricetin and its many benefits offer an alternative to Western medicines in helping relieve a number of diseases and disorders that affect millions all over the world. The ‘King of Flavonols’ works in much the same way as these other medications without side effects or risk of dependency, making it the natural option the world has been waiting for.

Health Benefits of Myricetin

Anti-inflammatory: Myricetin has been found to keep blood cells from clotting, which is a key part of the inflammation process, and suppress protein kinases (enzymes that enable the function of other enzymes) that act as signaling molecules during inflammation.

Diabetes management: In some studies, Myricetin has had a direct link to a decrease in high blood sugar by 50% after just a few days of use. It can also increase glucose uptake by muscles.

Protecting the brain, heart, and skin: The phosphorylation of tau proteins can lead to the progression of Alzheimer’s. Myricetin can decrease this phosphorylation, which has the potential to slow down the progression of the disease. Myricetin also decreases glutamate, which plays an important role in cell energy production and has been associated with various chronic brain disorders.

Myricetin can decrease toxicity induced by isoproterenol, which is a medication used to treat slow heart rate, giving Myricetin the potential to treat heart attacks.

In some studies, Myricetin has shown its ability to decrease cells that increase risk to UV ray exposure, suppress enzymes responsible for wrinkle formation, and decrease healing time in wounds.

Other properties:

Myricetin has also been known to relieve pain experienced by those with Multiple Sclerosis, decrease allergies, increase chances of fertility, and much more.

We recommend doing research on using, through individual searches, the keywords "myricetin," "di-hydro-myricetin," "Moyeam," and "ampelopsis grossedentata," along with your specific health concern.