How to Brew

Pureami Tea Company

Be sure to read Dr. Crawford’s PARP theory to maximize the benefits of Moyeam Tea.
— The Pureami Team

General Note:

All Pureami teas are non-perishable as shipped and are rich enough in their content to be re-usable. However, once the tea or tea bag has been used, it does become perishable!

If you plan to reuse the tea ball or bag, place it in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate the tea. We suggest that the tea not be used more than five (5) days after its initial use.


Not all Moyeam Teas are the same. With our Qing Yun Moyeam Tea, you will be able to use one two gram tea bag or loose leaf teaball to brew multiple cups. Used leaves can also be eaten and/or added to foods and soups.  Do not eat the tea bag itself, cut it with a scissors and remove the leaves inside.

Initially, most Moyeam Tea drinkers prefer to consume the tea with a little honey (1/2 tsp) or sweetener. This is often reduces and eliminated as you become used to the taste of the concentrated myricetin.

We recommend that you drink our Qing Yun Moyeam tea at least once a day with best results coming from 3 times per day.

Directions for brewing Moyeam Loose Leaf Tea

Use 2 grams of loose tea buds depending on strength of tea desired.  An inexpensive kitchen gram scale may help you with knowing how much Moyeam to add to your hot water.  Add hot water (195º - 205º F) to tea cup.  Add the Moyeam tea to the hot water within the cup.  You will note that the tea leaves will immediately sink to the bottom of the cup; this is a mark of only the very finest quality teas.  Let steep for 6-12 minutes and drink at a pleasing temperature.  It is perfectly fine to leave the loose tea leaves at the bottom of the cup while drinking.


Loose tea leaves and buds may also be secured inside a stainless steel teaball and steeped for the same amount of time.  Remove the teaball from the cup before drinking.


Do not boil or microwave your tea leaves, as this may damage the nutritional molecules within the tea.  Never microwave metal.

Directions for brewing Two Gram Moyeam Tea Bags

Add one teabag per cup of hot water.  Steep 6-12 minutes and drink at a pleasurable temperature.  Note: the teabag is re-useable.  Or, Instead of re-using the teabag, you can just drop a tea bag into a teapot full of hot water, and keep refilling your cup!  This works great with an electric tea pot as well.


Moyeam teabags and loose tea are re-usable (due to their huge flavonol and polyphenol content).  Loose tea and teabags can be used 3-5 times, with each subsequent cup being somewhat weaker in strength.


You may follow the same brewing directions for Eagle tea as noted above for Moyeam.


You may follow the same brewing directions for the C / H blend as noted above for Moyeam.G