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Our Flagship, "Qing Yun" Moyeam tea is the world's #1 Flavonol-powerhouse Medicinal Tea!  Delicious and effective.

Clicking "SOURCES" at the top of the page for the medical research on Moyeam and our other fine teas.

Fixing humans, one cup of tea at a time.

Our three Medicinal teas are unique in their superior abilities to produce Flavonols.  The medical research on these teas and their respective flavonols is nothing short of AMAZING.

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Finest Grade Premium Medicinal Teas.

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HEALTH MATTERS MOST! Forget every preconceived notion you've ever had about tea, Qing Yun Moyeam tea is completely different.

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For Simple and Complex Health Challenges

Pureami Teas help promote overall health, targeting inflammation and a wide variety of medical conditions.

For specific research on your condition of interest check out the "Sources" link on the Main Menu at the bottom of this page.

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Introducing Our Medicinal Teas

The Flavonol Myricetin

Myricetin, DiHydroMyricetin, and Ampelopsin are all three the same thing. All are interchangeable names for Myricetin, the Flavonol that is Super-Produced by Qing Yun Moyeam tea (30% by plant weight). Published and peer-reviewed medical literature about this molecule's effect upon biology can be found at by doing a refined search using those names above as "keywords". Pureami Tea company has NEVER made claims about its products that have not been FULLY SUPPORTED in the Medical Literature (we don't have to, Moyeam speaks for itself!). PubMed is a US Gvnt run website. Any questions about the meaning of medical words, medical or scientific terms or phrases, or even the overall meaning of individual studies should be discussed with your physician.